Developer Tools

Developer tools are products designed for software developers, who are sometimes called software engineers. These programs allow users to create and maintain software applications ranging from simple Web sites and desktop widgets to video games and large, complex databases. The Developer Tools category is broken down into a variety of languages, platforms, and frameworks for building software applications.

The .NET category consists of tools designed for working with Microsoft .NET Framework, an environment that offers a large library of precoded solutions. ActiveX is another Microsoft technology that allows the embedding of controls, animations, and objects into Web pages. The Components & Libraries section includes preset creations that can be plugged into developing software. The Database section contains tools related to managing, creating, or defining large collections of data. The Java section includes software for working with that object-oriented programming language. Reference & Tutorials includes valuable information for learning more about software development. Source Code includes raw samples of software code for reuse as well as tools for converting and compiling. The Tools & Editors category consists of compilers, interpreters, debuggers, editors, and integrated desktop environments (IDEs) that assist in managing and producing software. Web Engineering products help users manage networks and infrastructures, while Web Page Creation software assists in the publishing of Web pages using standard languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, and Ruby on Rails. The XML category has software for creating, editing, and managing XML files. Top programs include No-IP DUC (Dynamic Update Client), ActiveX Control Pad, Actual Drawing, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Hex Workshop, and Web Page Maker.